Tamarind Falls River

Tamarin Falls reservoir river

River flowing into the Tamarind Falls Reservoir. 2015 © Sarwan

The Tamarind Falls river flowing into the reservoir, found on the island of Mauritius..


RCPL Website/Ezine Teaser

A teaser i made for the Royal College Port Louis’s official website, using Adobe After Effects. You can find the full video down below:

Watch in HD for a better viewing experience! Hope you like it!

Here is a screenshot from the video:

RCPL, the Royalist Kingdom

Screenshot from the video, Royalist Kingdom.

Royalist 2012/2013 Promotion Artwork

Royal College Port Louis’s 2012/2013 school magazine promotion materials.

Royalist 2012/2013 Coming Soon

Royalist 2012/2013 Promotion Artwork (1600×900 – Aspect ratio 16:9)

Some ‘Coming Soon’ promotion materials for RCPL’s school magazine, made available in multiple screen aspect ratios for download.

Royalist 2012/2013 Promotion Artwork (1152x864)

Royalist 2012/2013 Promotion Artwork (1152×864 – Aspect ratio 4:3)

Royalist 2012/2013 Coming Soon

Royalist 2012/2013 Promotion Artwork (1280×1024 – Aspect ratio 5:4)

Royalist 2012/2013 Coming Soon

Royalist 2012/2013 Promotion Artwork (1600×1024 – widescreen)

Royalist 2012/2013 Promotion Smartphone version

Royalist 2012/2013 Promotion Artwork (Smartphone version)

Royalist 2012/2013 Facebook Cover

Facebook cover version of the RCPL 2012/2013 school magazine promotion.

Find more awesome stuffs inside the magazine! XD

RCPL, the Official Website – Under Construction

Royal College Port Louis Construction Page

The Royal College Port Louis’s official website, under construction page.

Pleased to announce the launching soon of the Royal College Port Louis Official website! For the time being, i have placed a construction page at http://www.RoyalCollegePortLouis.com. We (me, the students and the staffs) are working very hard to assemble the last bits for the grand launching day! So, stay tuned!

All graphics designed in Adobe Photoshop and HTML and CSS done in Adobe Dreamweaver. You can find the typography background only on my deviantArt profile as RCPL Typo Horizontal.

Angry Naruto

Angry naruto

Don’t you angry me! A vector poster of Uzumaki Naruto from the Naruto manga series.

A poster that i did for a personal collector, huge fan of the Naruto manga series. Note: the wordings ‘Don’t You Angry Me!!!‘ is intentional and not an English grammatical mistake. You can buy the print via my deviantArt profile if you love it too!

Port Louis, the city centre

A hike-eye view of the capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis. The city centre as seen from the nearby mountain peak of Quoin Bluff.

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Mountain sunset

A sunset over the mountains, on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. From the summit of Montagne Lion, found in the south east of the island.

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Some closeup shots of a blue Dragonfly on the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. Photographed at the source of a river, called Riviere Du Poste.

Christmas trees in forests

When mother natures decides to celebrate Christmas..Fir trees in forests, leaves changing colours and hanging from branches in hues of reds, yellows and orange..as so decorated specially for christmas..in the island of Mauritius.

Find more images of paradise on Colours of Paradise.

Azure Lagoon

Azure coloured lagoon, perfect summer day on the island of Mauritius.

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Azure Lagoon


White sandy beach

Volcanic Colored Cliffs

Amazing volcanic cliffs with colored rocks, on the island of Mauritius getting hit by huge waves.