Some graphic works i created just for fun or to while away time..XD

UoM Artwork

An artwork using UoM texts as typography for the University of Mauritius.


Logo designs for corporate identity or other uses.

Magazine (Covers)

Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation mostly in Adobe Photoshop for various end results.


Some of my lame attempts at Photography..

Portfolio Types

The different type of design works i've been doing.

Poster Design

Print poster designs for various purposes.

Gandhi’s Words

An A2-sized poster with some of Mahatma Gandhi’s wisest words. Did it for a personal collector of inspirational posters.


An A2 sized poster made for one personal collector of inspirational posters. This is Rudyard Kipling’s If.. Here’s the full … Continue reading

User Interface

User interface designs for softwares

ATM Physical Design

The design of an Automatic Teller Machine. Overall, it’s meant to be modern and have a ‘classy’ look.  


Some videos that i've made..


Websites that i've designed or developed or some graphics related to websites.